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Shoes on deck

Shoe Game and Hip-Hop Culture

Since the origination of hip-hop music, shoe game has been largely synonymous with hip-hop culture. From Run DMC and their crisp shell toe Adidas to Nelly and his Air Force Ones, shoes have been somewhat of a metaphorical foundation of urban fashion over the course of its evolution, often viewed as a representation of status in urban communities. Hip-Hop as a whole has undoubtedly influenced the growth and development of the sneaker industry, and celebrity endorsement has only helped to increase the popularity of many of the sneaker moguls of our time.

Shoes are among the many avenues through which we express creativity and individuality. However plain or eccentric, a fresh fit is incomplete without the right kicks to compliment. Local storefront owner Rennard is on a mission to get his community up on shoe game with his consignment shop Shoes on Deck.

Get up on shoe Game

Shoes on Deck is a unique consignment shop with an upbeat urban feel, offering a variety of new and gently used shoes, accessories and clothing from both nationally recognized and independent local brands. Browsing through the shop’s selection, it’s obvious that Rennard knows what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to urban fashion. When asked how he keeps up with the trends of the day he responded, “I usually just watch what celebs are wearing and try to emulate that.”

Shoes have a unique ability to positively change how we feel about ourselves, boosting self-confidence by adding a touch of personality and swagger to our daily get-up. In the name of getting up on shoe game, when Rennard was asked about the meaning of shoe game to him in his lifestyle he professed his admiration for fresh J’s. “Getting dressed and putting on a nice pair of shoes to match whatever outfit I’m wearing for the day really makes me feel good.”

Giving Back To The Community

Rennard, entrepreneur, independent business owner, and self-proclaimed Jordan enthusiast, opened his storefront in the historic district of downtown Petersburg after noticing the lack of businesses of its nature in the area. When asked about his vision as it relates to independent business ownership, he replied humbly that his vision was inspired by a desire to bring something to his community. He went on to explain “there really isn’t anything out here like this, unless you travel up to Richmond or out towards Southpark”. As an avid supporter of local artistry, he uses his shop as a means of helping up and coming entrepreneurs exhibit their talents and sell their original products. “A lot of what you see comes from local artists that have their own clothing lines, I sell their stuff in the shop to try to help them get their names out.”

Aside from the day-to-day operations of the shop, Rennard stays active in the community hosting a number of shoe showcasing events at his storefront location with participation from other local businesses, even featuring musical performances from local artists. “It’s all about supporting local people, we all have to work together.” Rennard is making a difference in the community with unwavering support of local artistry and small business. Looking into the future, he was asked about his plans for the businesses growth and expansion. “I’m really not looking to expand, I want to keep the roots here”.

Get up on shoe game with shoes on deck.

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