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Creative expression for all on life’s blank canvas! Ainigriv Adorn Organization for The Visual & Performing Art’s, (Ainigriv Kids) is a not-for-profit organization. Aini Kids has been formed to provide a unique and meaningful arts program, to educate children and adults in the arts, and to build a lifelong audience for the arts. We plan to offer an inspirational and constantly evolving program. Although we incorporate all of the fine arts into our programs, our focus is on the visual arts. With the encouragement of art education, participants not only learn how to manipulate traditional and modern tools and mediums in the art creation process, but also learn to perceive their individual works of art as representations of themselves, and openly attempt to understand the emotional representations in the work of fellow artists. Aini Kids faculty is made up of some of the area of Petersburg finest artist and designers – all with an extensive history surrounding their passions for the arts, looking to share their knowledge with our participants. Our instructors collectively look to expose the pleasures of art to all our participants, which will leave with an life-long experience of social growth. Come in and join us as we rebuild art into our communities, by showing your “Creative Expression”. We anticipate you and your family joining us for our art program.



Aini KidS CORE Aini Kids has two permanent open-art stations to begin, with ever-growing components. Our program includes two courses “Design Time” and “Picture Perfect”. These two courses will be separated into two sections which are the focus of our daily work of magazine publication and branding. Each additional station provides a unique  opportunity for Aini Kids to further its purposes as an inspirational and educational experience thru art, embodied with a broad repertoire of artistic & creative expressions.  

Design time


All participants will be encouraged to use their creative expressions to design their brand with the creative expression to identify and design their own brand.













Print & press


Print & Press is specifically designed to demonstrate the basic 101 principals of Heat Pressing, which includes blending, temperatures, materials, shapes, patterns, graphic template design, safety and basic operations. Participants will enjoy working at the heat presses (using fabrics, colors, and transfer materials), and other pressing or stamping tools.











Participants will use basic principles of Art & Design, Accessory Design, Fashion Sketching, Sewing, and Draping & Styling to create a complete look that will be used to style models during a photo shoot demonstration.

Picture Perfect


This is a series of lessons designed to introduce aspiring photographers to the basic techniques of digital photography and editing.





Participants will learn basic techniques that will teach them how to capture a good frame, learn about lighting, body posture, and scenery. Each additional station provides a unique opportunity for Aini Kids to further its purposes as an inspirational and educational experience thru art, embodied with a broad repertoire of artistic & creative expressions. All   participant projects will then be displayed in Aini Kids seasonal not-for-profit look-book publication. 



Image editing


Will allow participants an opportunity to create and edit a graphic designed pattern that will be used to identify a product or brand.

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