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Remaining true

DMV Native

Mic’Heal Tatum’s, story is a representation of the power of maintaining positivity through adversity. As a multi-faceted entrepreneur, musical artist, husband, father and Army veteran, he takes pride in being able to say that through all that he has faced, he has been able to remain true to himself. Not conforming to the standards of his peers or society for the sake of being liked. With his wife being his biggest supporter, Tatum has been able to set and accomplish goals that have not only benefited him and his family, but the community as well.

Inspiration and Artistry

From an early age he began to recognize the power of music, writing his first rhyme in the 2nd grade after being inspired by the legendary emcee Rakim’s album paid in full. Although he enjoys listening to some of the big name artists that he feels have remained true to themselves like Jay-Z, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Talib Kweli, and 50 cent, he describes his musical artistry and style as conscious street rap, pulling his material from real life experiences that he has faced and overcome. “I don’t talk about things like selling drugs, or popping bottles because I don’t do those things, I don’t talk about a lifestyle I’m not living.” He explained that his music differs from a lot of what is being represented in hip-hop culture today, citing his children as one of the main reasons. “I have daughters, so I never make music that degrades women.” Rightfully known as Tatum or Mr. Tatum, he explained his choice to stick to the basics, avoiding an alternative stage name by quoting Obie Trice’s “real name no gimmicks”, yet another demonstration of staying true to who he is.

Tatum Talks Tasteful Cuisine

Starting out as a self-proclaimed home cook, Tatum continued to pursue his entrepreneurial goals attending Stratford University where he studied culinary arts and is now an ACF certified chef. He now owns and operates Tasteful Cuisine, a catering service located in Prince George VA. Finding words of inspiration in a quote from the popular animated film Robots, “if you see a need, fill it”, Tatum sought to fill a need in his community by making his service available through delivery. Helping those working who may not have an opportunity to travel for lunch due to time constraints or transportation. When it comes to cuisine, Tatum likes to think outside the box, keeping his menus simple yet creative. When asked about his culinary inspirations, he cited bobby flay as one of his favorites to watch.

Staying Connected To The Youth

Having survived what was nothing less than a tragic childhood, Mr. Tatum has a message that many of the troubled youth of today can relate to. As a coach of multiple youth sports, he works with adolescents at an impressionable time in their lives. When he sees young men being heavily influenced by street life, he reminds them that life is all about choices and their environment doesn’t have to influence their decisions. He went on to explain that many of t he young men he works with respond to him because they see that he has been where they are, and he made it out, proving life is not about excuses it’s about choices. Having been injured on more than one occasion during his 12 years of service as an Army Ranger, Mr. Tatum has experienced and survived more than most could imagine, so he knows a thing or two about getting through hard times by staying positive. When he was asked about the one thing he would want people to know and remember about him, he stated humbly, “I’m real, Im upfront, and I try to care for people. I believe that people have a good heart”. His powerful and uplifting story is definitely one worth hearing. To get more info on Mr. Tatum, check out his website


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