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Since 2001, our organization has contributed works through art, fashion, music, media and caretaking accommodations for our community and abroad. Over the years, we have collaborated with established entities for training purposes to help our organization flourish and generate more leaders. We invested our time and efforts into a franchise opportunity given by JaniKing Commercial Cleaning Services in 2001. Being a franchise owner developed us for the art of business responsibility. The art of cleaning and maintaining the buildings of business owners was a great responsibility within itself. However, book keeping, employing staff, time management, marketing, budgeting, and tracking inventory has greatly shaped our organization to this day. It has allowed us the ability to see the art in everything we do, now and forever more. The services we provide are acts of responsibility that encourage others to balance their lives, give more, and live more. Be excited about the things that can be done creatively and motivate the aspiring to become an inspiration for our nation. We recognize and utilize the tools that have been provided for us to demonstrate excellence in all that we do. Over time, we began to create logos for small businesses which lead us to t-shirt printing and publication distribution as a major community contribution. We found that if you just believe in what potential leaders are doing, they will excel to the next level expediently and pass the torch to others. This page is a reminder for us to be thankful and remain humble. Thankful for who we have collaborated with and those who are to come. Move in character and excel with integrity within our organization; for which we not only represent us but many across the world. As we grow in every area of our lives, we expect expansion, increase, and peace for all the days of our lives and generations to come.

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