Lions First Community Day

Lions First Community Day

StartFragmentDecember 20th, 2015 marked a special day on the Lion's calendar as they celebrated their 1st Community Day and official presentation of the team. In attendance were wives, children, friends, as well as various media outlets from the surrounding area. It was a great opportunity for people not only to get acquainted with the players, but also to get to know the coaching staff and team operations. The day started with a few warm-up activities, then a scrimmage game against a soccer team that was already practicing at Albert Jones Field. The football players had alot of fun playing the variation of the sport their involved with: fútbol. But soon it was back to business when offensive and defensive personnel went their separate ways to work on intense drills. Special teams worked together to run a few practice kickoff drills, in which Coach Marlow Jones asked for a volunteer to try their leg out and kick the ball for the team. Angela Greene, whose nephew plays on the team, was chosen. She impressed everyone with her kick going over 20 yards down field and for her efforts she was presented with team V.I.P season tickets for the Lion's home games that will be played at historic Cameron Field in Petersburg, Va. The last practice of 2015 ended with 1st and 2nd string personnel's going head to head to see how they would react to certain game time situations. After the final huddle of the year, players were released to their family and friends where Coach Jones further emphasized core values of the team, with the main one being discipline. The organizations immediate support systems that were in attendance showed their excitement and clearly expect nothing but great things to come from this great group of warriors. Before the players were released, team operations discussed the finalization of the official team roster, various season ticket options and apparel that can be purchased(both available at the team website,, photo-shoots to be done and the resurgence of Petersburg athletics and Cameron Field. With a bad stigma over the city, its amazing to see so many people with the same goal in mind to change the perception of such a gifted area. Stay tuned for more of what the Lions have in store. Practice will resume Sunday, January 3rd, 2016 in preparation for the 10 game season that starts Saturday, March 12th, 2016.


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