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Lions Community Day 2

Lions Community Day 2

WEDNESDAY March 16, 2016 was Community Day for the Petersburg Lions Semi-Professional Football team at Cameron Field. We came together as a team and cleaned our playing field up for our first home game, kicking off March 19, 2016 at 2:00pm.


The excitement began at 9am and the finishing touches weren't completed until 6:00pm. We conquered the day by painting the bleachers, cutting the grass, trimming the bushes, picking up and recycling trash, and tidying up our field house. This was headed by the Operations Team of the Lions, Mr. John Concover, Mrs. Casandra Conover, and Ms. Kim Monroe. Operations prepared the way as the football players worked as a team to get things cleaned up for our home games. A question was asked to the players such as; "What inspires you to do what you do like today?" The response was, "We want to give back and be an example of not just saying, but doing. Its an oppoutunity to grow as a whole. We have to take care of what we've been given and pass the torch to others." Donations of supplies were provided by Operation Diamonds, AINIGRIV Adorn, Booth Home Improvement, and Mr. Mike Moore.


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