David vs Goliath

David vs Goliath

There's a war going on. Our children are on the front lines and what's at stake is their minds. Goliath, being defined here as Big Business Brands versus David, the Small Business sector. True, over the years we've seen a resurgance in the supporting of small brands who have their ear to the street and know exactly what the customer is looking for. But big brands still have the heart and soul of the consumer. Certain companies have engraved their logos in the brainwaves of so many, that shootings and homicides occur everyday just for some people to say they are wearing whats trendy. Some of our children are being bullied because they are wearing facsimiles (Knock-offs) of popular styles. And as usual, many parents are breaking their backs as well as bank accounts to help their youngsters keep up with the "Jones'". According to Forbes.com, 63% of all new jobs have come from the small business sector in the last 20 years. So while it seems that statistically small businesses as well as brands keep our economy thriving, big business and brands seem to keep the prison industry afloat with more and more robberies and killings happening everyday. Theres a war going on. When an infant child can identify with McDonald's, for example, before they start to speak many of their first words, you have to understand that this has been systematically done by design. Goliath wants the minds of our youth, which in turn leads to billions of dollars from the pockets of hard working, proud parents that will do anything to keep their children happy. Maybe it's time to teach the youth of the world to be innovators and take off the stigma of keeping up with the crowd. Maybe it's just a dream I hold onto. Maybe.


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